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#KyberDeFi Virtual Hackathon: Meet the Winners!

The judges have weighed in! Congrats to our Champion: DeFiZap, Runner-up: Structured, and all our other winners! 

Great to have over 300 participants, 78 submissions, 41 finalists, and 18 Bounty Winners building on Kyber, bZx, Chainlink, Compound, Melon, Synthetix, and WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)!

We were amazed by the quality of the submissions! Many used multiple protocols in their projects, and are a testament to the composable and collaborative nature of the open-source DeFi (decentralized finance) space. We're glad that the hackathon has highlighted Kyber's key role in DeFi, as an on-chain protocol that connects decentralized liquidity and allows seamless

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Judging & Public Voting have started! (*New Deadline)

Vote for your favorite DeFi project to win the 'People's Choice Award'

$500 in KNC will be awarded to the submission with the most Devpost votes!

View #KyberDeFi Virtual Hackathon submission gallery and vote for your favorite app. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks too!

Note: Votes not = Likes

* We extended our Judging & Public Voting period to 7 Nov, 11.45 pm (GMT+8), Winners will be announced around/after 8 Nov.

Please note, as per the Devpost terms of service, you may not tamper with the voting process through manual or automated means, or

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Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Kyber DeFi Virtual Hackathon.

about 3 years ago

One week to go—submit early + check requirements!

You’re almost there!  There is just one week left to submit your software to the #KyberDeFi Hackathon. 

Submissions are now due by October 28th at 11:45pm SGT (11:45am EDT). (Find out what time that is in your city) 

If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now. (We’ll walk you through our submission form process if you need help.)  And if you've just recently joined the hackathon, be sure to familiarize yourself with the official rules, review the requirements and check out the resources page to get started.

Submission checklist

Run through

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Deadline Extension!

The submission period has been extended! You now have one extra week to perfect your applications - submit your projects before October 28th at 11:45pm SGT (11:45am EDT).

If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Four Weeks to Go: How to make your submission video great

There are just four weeks remaining in #KyberDeFi Hackathon! Submissions are due by October 21st at 11:45pm SGT (11:45am EDT)

Start your submission now

Starting a submission is a good way to make sure that your app meets the requirements. There’s nothing worse than getting to the deadline, only to realize that you’re missing a key component. Remember: once you submit a project, you can keep editing it as needed at any time prior to the submission deadline. Need a primer on how the submission form works? Head over to our submission form tutorial

Prepare your video

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Did you know?! Fun Hack Fact Friday

Did you know?!

Kyber technology enables Ethereum tokens to be usable anytime, anywhere!

There are unlimited ways to build awesome decentralized apps (DApp) using Kyber’s protocol. One example would be an e-commerce DApp that allows customers to pay for goods and services in over 70 different Ethereum tokens while the vendors receive in their preferred token (e.g. stablecoin DAI or USDC).

Other use cases include:

  • Gaming DApps: Multi-token acceptance for using game platform services
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) DApps: Portfolio rebalancing and instant fund allocation
  • Wallets: Token swaps without leaving the wallet
  • Vendors: Multi-token acceptance for payments

There are also many

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Join Discord and connect with the Kyber Dev Community

Whether or not you have starting building your project, the Kyber DeFi Hackathon Discord is the perfect place to connect with other developers!

Not only can you bounce ideas off each other and ask other developers for technical help, but you can also use this channel to ask the Kyber representatives questions!

Looking for a team?  The various team channels can help you connect with other developers who are potential teammates, and there’s also a #looking4team channel! (You can also search the challenge Participants Page to message other participants)

Happy Building!



If you have any questions about the…

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